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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  February 27, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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>> have a wonderful weekend. that's all we have for now. i hope you're making money today and that you have a fantastic weekend this weekend. in the meantime, though, don't miss liz claman because "countdown" starts now. liz: thank you, melissa. here we go. how are you feeling about your money and about the greater economy? we asked because how you feel has everything to do with how the markets are performing. check out this chart. consumer confidence in the s&p 500 have tracked each other closely over the last four years. but the harsh winter weather has now put a chill on the american psyche at least for february. can we expect a freeze in the market beyond today? traders and money managers with more than 6 billion under management with us in this hour. in just hours, a certain website the one involving this guy will be swamped. warren buffett's company website is about to be overwhelmed. the multi billionaire releases his annual shareholder letter to the world early tomorrow morning. but we already know some
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of what's in it. two best-selling buffett authors with us live to unreveal. from facebook to twitter to cable. the world looked at the 79-dollar frock. guess what, i'm the only anchor wearing this dress. what colors do you see? don't cheat and try to see the answer. your view may say a lot about you. there's less than an hour left in the trading day. a lot of the color green is changing hands. let's start the "countdown." yeah, we had it fed exed from the uk. that's where the dress is made. no, i'm actually not wearing the dress. it's tv magic. how about that? i was sort of wearing it. we'll be talking about the dress more in a minute and how it's grabbing the attention of everybody and businesses too. but first, a fox business alert, we are
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just 59 minutes away from the closing of books on february trade as we head into the last hour of trade. the dow and the s&p are on track for their best month since 2011. with a bac backdrop of drama from washington, dc, nine hours until the department of homeland security may shut down all this coming together. the russell hitting a new all-time high today. any close above 123 1239.11 would be the sixth record close of the year. let's get to the traders of the new york stock change. the cme. and the imex. amazing the day with ugly consumer data, we're really not down that much. i mean, the dow, yeah, 75-point. but pretty much flat overall. >> liz, let's not forget that last year the s&p was up 14%. so far this year it's up about five. i think the market is
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entitled to a little bit of a rest. i don't see much data between now and the middle -- or end of next week when we get the stress test numbers and we get employment. so i think we may just go sideways here for a little bit. liz: this chart doesn't look sideways. with a few blips and a few stomach churning drops here and there -- we have a pretty decent year here, you know, if you look at where we started and where we are right now. what happens after this day shuts the books? because we're done with february. >> yeah. and i agree. probably a quiet week is what i'm seeing that we're going to walk into until we get to thursday and friday. at which point we'll look at employment numbers. oil will come back into the foray where we talk about where we'll store it all. >> where will we store it all. jeff grossman, you have that answer, don't you? we are 75 million barrels above the average. this looks like a price that continues to go down overall.
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>> that must be why it went higher today. >> exactly. i'm just needling you here. >> as usual, you go against conventional wisdom, that usually works in this market. again, refined products showing the difference. heating oil and gasoline have strengthened against crude oil. crude is struggling. so much, as you said, i won't argue that point. what will be key in next week is going to be the dollar. i'm watching that very carefully. i think if the dollar shows any weakness, the crude could actually get -- get some -- we can see the mid-50s by the end of the week. >> jeff, an important question. is that jacket white and gold or brown and blue? i'm kidding. the dress. i know all you traders, we can put all three of you on the screen. you can tell us what color you saw. ira, you don't have time for this. but i won't to know what color you see here. >> i see green. all the money in my firm
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going out the door as everybody is talking about the dress. no productivity. money gone. >> fred, what do you see? >> i see blue and gray. >> i saw blue and brown. jeff, you're an oil guy. you probably see something different. >> i was busy working. i wasn't paying much attention. liz: great to see all of you. i will don the dress later in the show just because i can. have a great weekend. any time. this is a fox business alert, the letter heard and read around the world is less than 24 hours from being released. every year the second this letter is release released, the warren buffett letter is downloaded thousands of times. people want to know what he has to say about investigating and about the world as he sees it. a major twist, his right-hand man, berkshire hathaway right
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hand chair will have his own portion of the letter. we know because warren buffett told us that exclusively. >> we've each written about the past 50 years as well as the next 50 years. and we didn't change a word in terms of the other guy said. in fact, charlie hasn't seen mine. he doesn't care what i say. i've looked at his. we haven't changed anything. shareholders will get his view and my view. why wait until tomorrow? you don't have to. we'll reveal some of what will be in that letter. secrets from the berkshire managers. along with lawrence author of berkshire and beyond. joining us right now. great to have both of you. lawrence, berkshire and beyond, the enduring value of values. fiftieth anniversary. will this shut down the website? >> you said hundreds of thousands. it might be millions. i think it will be an interesting comparison to see what warren says
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versus the other man. their styles will be very different. and i think it will be interesting to look back for 50 years and, you know, how you built this company and then look forward about how you sustain this company. liz: robert, i have to say that charlie once said, wall street hates us because they think we're stupid. charlie is one of the smartest guys on the planet. people who love these guys or hate them or are jealous of them. are you more eager to read charlie's part of the letter than warren's? >> yes, because it's unique this year because charlie has never written that kind of letter. he's candid and forthright. i think they'll come to the same conclusion. they'll talk about the culture of berkshire and how the culture has been built over the past 50 year and how it will be sustained into the next 50 years. >> charlie and warren, i defy you to tell the difference between the two. let me tell you, charlie is on the right. they were channeling each other. let's get to some of
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what we really already know is going to be in the letter at fox business. first off, berkshire hathaway has never given out a dividend even though it has $60 billion on its books. here's more on the dividend. >> why aren't you paying a dividend? warren: actually i cover that in the annual report too. and i'm pretty specific about that. >> something tells me the heels are dug in further on the dividend. warren: they're not dug in. we'll do whatever is the most logical for shareholder. it's simple. >> you want them to vote on something like that? warren: we had them vote last year. by 45-1, the share shareholders, said don't send us money. it was 45-1. against paying a dividend. >> is that the revelation right now? no dividend? >> i don't think so. i've talked to thousands of shareholders on the book tour, they all say that same thing. i'd rather have warren
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invest that dollar than me. as long as they can increase their market share, they'll stick with that policy. liz: what will he say about the dividend, robert? >> i think the most logical thing is to buy back stock. it's the most tax efficient. liz: has he done that before? >> yes, he's offered to buy back stock twice. and the last time he did and he's offered to buy back up to 120% of book value. so if it's 120% of book value or below, he will buy back the stock. liz: let me get to the europe. he wants -- and we're revealing this right now. he want to buy more in europe. what kind of company. listen. warren: we're probably going to buy a small business in europe. but i'd love to buy big ones. liz: he has 60 billion, 40 billion of which he would spend. >> half a billion dollars they were
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spending on that german motorcycle -- drop in the bucket. they can learn about international tax consequences. they have done that through the subsidiar subsidies. this is a next step forward. they will move forward. (?) >> guess what, he will be way more specific about secession. >> that made shareholders anxious and nervous. they're always anxious and nervous. they want to know the secession plan now. i know you've said the three people in an envelope away. but -- warren: i know the in an envelope. i just joke about that. liz: it's in your head? warren: no, the directors know. we talk about it all the time. >> i pick out greg able. he runs berkshire energy. when the buffett faithful get whipped up, they say his name a lot.
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warren: well, he would be terrific. liz: okay. robert, who is it? will he reveal who it is? >> i don't think he will. i think it depends when warren passes po. it's likely somebody in the mid-40s. if it's ten years from now or longer, it will be someone not on the radar. liz: we already talked about who do not want to do it. he wants to run insurance. and mat matt rose who do not want to do it either. >> i talked to him. i don't think he will not do it. he would step up. most berkshire hathaway employees will step up. >> these people are running businesses. it would be endlessly distracted by us if a name was revealed. they're better off running the businesses and as the time comes, we'll know who it is. liz: great to have you both. you guys already know in advance what some of it will say. thanks to robert miles.
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and lawrence cunningham. the enduring value of values. by the way, you can watch my entire interview, a lot more secrets revealed on or the l. closing bell ringing in 48 minutes. we knew lebron james was a trail blares. trailblazer. the one who loves blaze pizza. he's an investor. why the healthy design your own pizza joint is attracting him and other huge names like movie producer john davis. john davis, the son of marvin joining us along with jim mize us, the president of blaze pizza. this may be the most famous dress in the world. it is. forget maybe. it has everything to do with confusion over its color. care to take a guess? i know what i see. it's making others definitely see green. musi♪
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he's out there. there's a guy out there whose making a name for himself in a sport where your name and maybe a number are what define you. somewhere in that pack is a driver that can intimidate the intimidator. a guy that can take the king 7 and make it 8. heck. maybe even 9. make no mistake about it. they're out there. i guarantee it. welcome to the nascar xfinity series. >> a fox business stock alert. we have just about 44 minutes before the closing bell.
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look at the dow and the s&p. they are about to do something they haven't done all year. rise for four straight weeks. and they are on track for the best month since 2011. nicole, we're taking it. right? >> definitely for the bulls. a lot of the traders talked about the path for least resistance was up to the upside. despite they had a lot to digest including mixed economic news and events abroad. there was some correlation that oil has made a comeback recently. as you noted, we may have the four winning weeks in a row. the russell, we're watching the russell versus the dow transportation index. in fact, the transportation index is to the downside. the russell up this week. and notable even today, hit a record lifetime high, liz. for those folks who love the small caps, they're cheering. it pulled back at one point, but it hit these record levels. let's look at two names we saw. including apple and jcpenney for the week.
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apple we've had a lot of infringement, patents issues this week. they announced march 9, they'll have spring forward events like for the smartwatch. but for the week apple is down slightly. jcpenney, on the other hand, right now you can see right there in the one-week chart how it's been hit hard. last, but not at least gopro, the wearable cameras falling to a six-month low. there it is 6.5% for the downside. down for the third straight month. senior editor for bringing this to -- to our attention. 4173. liz. >> good to see you, nicole. when it comes to ranking business school, harvard tops about every list in every metric except one. a new study has just found harvard is not the best value among mba programs. well, which school is?
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brigham young's. m7 financial compared salaries with the amount debt students piled up. they compared and contrasted. brigham young grads had the best ratio earning $110,000 after graduation on nearly $28,000 debt. to compare, harvard grads earn 138,000 in salary, but they have on average nearly $74,000 in debt. and a surgeon claims the first human head transplant could take place within the next two years. an italian doctor has drawn up the plans for the surgery and said he has willing volunteers. he hopes to begin assembling a team this year. tell us, whose head who you want? i'm hoping albert einstein would want my head. if you could switch out your head, keep your heart, of course.
3:20 pm or tweet me at liz claman. closing bell, we're 30 minutes away. embattled manager trying to make a comeback. hitting some roadblocks along the way that only charlie gasparino knows about. the exclusive story coming up next. and celebrities are hoping it's a slam-dunk. yeah, guys like lebron james investing in blaze pizza. its popularity is spreading like wildfire. blaze president and blaze investor, john davis joining me in a fox business exclusive on the latest on cashing in. ♪
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liz: closing bell is about 35 minutes away. we want to check on
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something called the super bowl trade. buffalo wild wings, it involves having bought the ticker symbol blwb on the last day of january and then selling it on the last day of february. now, anybody who followed this trade would be up at about 7.5%. that's nearly two percentage points better than the s&p 500. needless to say, but i'll say it, buffalo wild wings is a big company right around the super bowl. because everybody wants to eat wings. disgraced hedge fund manager stevie is trying to plot his return. charlie has reported that. wall street is not apparently welcoming him with open arms. cohen has been trying to recruit the whose who of wall street to join his new hedge fund, but no one wants to be associate with his bad reputation. >> here's what we know. basically people who have spoken the traders. (?) he's been making offers,
3:26 pm
extremely lucrative offers to major players, traders at funds at places such as goldman sachs, perry capital, essentially offering them huge paydays. they have been rebuffing these efforts. why are they rebuffing these offers? quite simply they're afraid about the regulatory taint. a lot of these hedge fund traders they work for steve cohen, they want to come out and start their own hedge funds. they're worried about that taint working for cohen will carry over when they open their own hedge fund and as a result they'll get intense regulatory scrutiny working for him. he's having a difficult trime recruiting of these guys. from goldman sachs. perry capital. >> is he trying to go for other private equity guys? >> he is. but my point is he's getting some of these major offers rejected. >> how major? >> i heard from one
3:27 pm
person close to someone that he was offering people 50% of their winnings. for example, he was offering them a billion dollars. if you make 10% a billion is, what, 100 million, he would allow you to keep half of that. we should point out that this entire story, which is going to be on, they refused to deny. meaning, steven cohen's firm refused to deny any aspect. but clearly he's paying a lot. this is extremely lucrative. liz: can we back up? i'm having trouble breathing when he says offer a billion dollars. >> he gives you a billion dollars to run. right? liz: then you have to figure out -- >> you make money. if you being can make 10% of that billion, which is 100 million, you get to keep half. liz: any way you can. >> he denies that one aspect that he's doing a 50% pay out. i can tell you people are saying he is. >> on your report, people are picking up
3:28 pm
the phone. i'll do it, stevie. >> i don't know about that. the problem is that the feds are still after him. he never got indicted. right? his form got indicted. his firm closed down. he reopened .72 asset management. it can only manage his enormous wealth. steve cohen has designs to come out of this and manage money again that's why he's keeping his team together and offering them money so when he comes out of this, he may bank be able to make money again. he's having a hard time building a seasoned team. here's how you know they're having trouble. they started recruiting directly from colleges. that's pretty interesting. >> brigham young, go for it. not harvard. >> why brigham young? >> they got voted the best value for an mba. >> interesting.
3:29 pm
>> way over harvard. charlie: i'll say, this story will be on momentarily. read it. it will have all the details. liz: i have an idea for steve cohen, maybe he should offer some of the wives of the traders the dress. can we put the dress back on me? charlie: i don't get this dress thing. liz: neither do i. i see blue and black. my husband saw white and gold. charlie: i don't quite get the dress. liz: the dress doesn't quite facility over mfitover my dress. let me put the dress on charlie. charlie: do you think steve cohen would hire me if i walked in wearing the dress? would he hire me? the problem for cohen, he fires people so much. [whistling] [laughter] liz: charlie, thanks.
3:30 pm
charlie, gas, check out that story is up there right now. charlie: up any minute right now. liz: go on fox business and read it. from the west coast port stand off labor to the fcc's vote, "countdown" had you covered on everything that happened. here's what's worth repeating. (?) >> we've got to end this dispute. we have to end it now because there are way too many innocent victims. my message was very clear. we either solve this challenge and bring it across the end zone this week in san francisco or next week we continue the discussion in washington. >> there are two big parts to the housing market. existing homes and new homes. existing homes look very nice. we measure with the s&p home price index. up 4.5% in the last 12 months.
3:31 pm
twice the rate of inflation. >> the system that we're working on, what it will do, it will allow, you know, regulators, authorities, even private citizens to be able to set up areas which we would call no-fly zones. >> the internet was what we call innovation without permission. meaning, you can set up a website, whether it be text to audio, video and reach users around the world and they can then have access to any service that they find valuable. liz: and then, of course, we had the dress. the dress on charlie was classic. right? closing bell, 29 minutes away. what do lebron james and i don't know maria striver eat. and how do you build a pizza joint different from all the rest? blaze pizza has done it. now in most states than shake shack. the president is here along with one of his top most high profile
3:32 pm
investors, a movie producer who knows a lot about predators. how he's going to prey on the competition. next. and it's the question most asked around the globe in the next 24 hours. what's the color of that dress? it turns out your answer reveals a lot about yourself or just that we're all fall for this ridiculous internet craze. we'll tell you what it means next. ♪
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♪ ♪ liz: it is a business story. that dress that broke the internet, $79, ruffling some feathers all around the world
3:37 pm
including here at fox business. we asked our anchors what colors they saw, white and gold or blue and black? what does that say about their personality? they just can't seem to agree. listen -- >> there's no doubt it's white with gold. i don't care -- i can't believe anyone sees anything but white with gold trim. powerful. cashing in. [laughter] >> it's definitely black and blue. definitely black and blue. >> it's clearly blue and black. i saw a little bit of brown in there, but clearly blue and black. i'm in a terrible mood. wait, wait, hold on. white and gold means i'm supposed to be happy? >> yeah. >> i agree. i'm in a bad mood today, and i see blue and black. >> i saw red and brown and green with some polka dots. i guess i'm a psychedelic personality. no, i'm kidding, i'm totally kidding. [laughter] >> aw, come on, it's blue and black. >> what do you think it says about your personality?
3:38 pm
>> not a damn thing. [laughter] liz: i saw what gerri saw. now, according to some psychology experts and neuroscientists, there's a good reason why you might see something different from the person sitting next to you, bolling. past experiences and expectations have a lot to do with the way people perceive the illumination on the dress. those who perceive less illumination see the dress as white and gold, and those who perceive more illumination, whatever that means, see the dress as black and blue. you can decide, but those three pictures are three different, you know, tints of photographs. so, you know, i mean, my daughter interrupts me last night, what do you see, what do you see? she couldn't let it go. from investors like lebron james to maria shriver, everybody wants a slice of this pizza. it's called blaze. it has to blown up across the
3:39 pm
country, bigger than the dress. founded in 2011, the company has more than 50 locations and is now opening a new location every five days, is that possible? here with me now to discuss the rapid success is blaze pizza president and coo jim mizas and davis entertainment chair john davis. jim, welcome back. we started following you early on and now one every five days. there's one on every corner when it comes to pizza joints. how are there that many corners for you? where are you opening? >> we're opening all across the country. we're in 15 states today, we'll be in over 30 by the end of this year. and what we're doing is we're taking pizza back to its roots with, you know, fresh, quality ingredients, but doing it really fast. we've taken pizza that primarily was for delivery and takeout, and now it's a great pizza for lunch. liz: john, you are an investor. first of all, what's your favorite? what do you order when you walk
3:40 pm
into a blaze? >> i like the meat eaters. liz: what's on that? >> it's got pepperoni, it's got meatballs, it's got a lot of red sauce on it, it's got some peppers in it. i could have one literally every day. liz: every day. okay, is that why you invested in it, john? tell us how this came to your table as a movie producer of movies like "predator." >> well, it didn't come from outer space. [laughter] i started investing with rick and bill phelps who started wetsing's pretzellings. i brought a group of investors with me, and it was a 23-7b8 success. and i got into it because you could make a pretzel for, i guess, five or since cents, you could sell them for $2. when they came to me and said let's do pizza like chipotles, build your own, the pizza can be ready in 90 seconds, thin crust so it's not caloric, it tastes great, and all this choice, i said i think this is a winner
3:41 pm
idea, and i'm in. liz: jim, i think -- >> went out and got a group of investors. liz: jim, you need to hire john as your marketing guy or just as your pich ma this i belvabl talkbout lebn. w fuse is heon ths? ist jtne of his many investments? is he very involved in it? >> well, lebron has visited our vaunts, and -- restaurants, and hen he came to visit -- when he came to visit, he was great with our entire team as well as all the guests, was very happy to meet and greet and spend time with all of them. he and his backers continue to talk to us about how well we're doing, and they're very, very exciteed about our progress. liz: well, look, you know, it's hard to fast forward this quickly, but shake shack went public, and it's been quite successful. you're already in more states than shake shack, jim. is this something that you would eventually like to ipo? >> well, i think our purpose esanndneitou to stay
3:42 pm
m ts izea >> and down the road we'll see what happens. liz: john, as an investor you want to see a return, certainly. has that started to happen yet? >> this space, which is fast casual, has multiples, public multiples on these companies that are growing fast like shake hack shack. you -- shake shack. you look at the noodle companies. they're going public and trading within the first day at 40 times -- [inaudible] so right now this is a really hot space, a really hot place to be, so going public if you could get public in this market would be fantastic. liz: you guys need to also find whoever, you know, got the dress on the internet last night. [laughter] i mean, jim, how important is social media? what did you think of how quickly that story spread, and can you spread the story of blaze like that? >> well, it's financial how that story has spread, but -- it's phenomenal how quickly that
3:43 pm
story has spread. we leverage all the social media to create a scene and create buzz as we open up new restaurants, and once they start talking about it on social media, you know, as we saw at one of our recent openings, it blows up on college campuses, it blows up on the media. liz: there you are. what colors did you see in the dress, jim? >> i saw gold and white. liz: i saw blue and brown. john, what did you see? >> i saw pepperoni and black olives. [laughter] liz: okay. i saw pepperoni and jalapeno with a whole wheat crust. good to see both of you. thank so much. >> thank you. liz: jim mizes, blaze pizza president, and jim davis, davis entertainment chairman. we're following the story, fox business was the first to really focus on this, and it's great to continue to see grease up into neuro-- great entrepreneurship. coming up we're talking to the man what's just been named the
3:44 pm
number one chef in the world. he has more than a dozen michelin stars. you've got to know that's so huge. did you see 100-foot journey where all they want is a michelin star? speaking of the bell, 15 and a half minutes away, and that's what we're going to see. some investments mean red hot returns for your portfolio, others leave you with an arctic chill. coming up, our panel of multibillion dollar fund managers will tell you hot or not? what's hot and what's not for your money? and while the markets close at the top of the hour, we are always on call for you. have you done this yet? sign up for claman on call. we're going to deliver the biggest headlines of the day directly to your smartphone, and it's free. ♪ ♪
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liz: remember the popular web site ht that took the internet by storm in the early 2000s? today we're channeling that online dating pioneer and applying it to the financial markets. let's introduce, here it is, hot or not. our two contenders, on one side we have robotics, arguably a hot sector. hasn't exactly performed well over the past year. and then on the other side we have energy stocks, a space in the's been beaten down recently but that could soon see a rebound. so what's hot, what eat not? joining me now, randy bateman, huntington funds chief investment officer and don. schreiber. randy, just macro, what trends are you seeing this year? >> you know, obviously, we are seeing, i think, a lot of things
3:50 pm
that took place in 2014 that were transitory, they're going to manifest themselves this year. i think we saw a change in russia, becoming much more bellicose. we saw the check in congress -- the change in congress. we've seen the strength of the dollar. we've seen energy in the united states become more self-sufficient, and so there are a lot of things that took praise, and the fed, obviously, quit its quantitative easing. those are going to start manifesting themselves more heavily in 2015, i think you're going to see with the changing congress and russia, i think you're going to see more spending on defense, a little tougher time for our economy with regard to gdp growth because of the strength of the dollar. i think you'll see suppression in the cpi because of the same thing. liz: randy, maybe i should have asked what we won't see? that was, like, 38 things. >> making me talk faster here. [laughter] liz: what trends under phi do you see come -- five do you see coming up this year? >> we think investors have to be careful, market participants should basically top the madness
3:51 pm
of chasing returns higher. fundamentals are weak, you know? we have gdp growth today that was downgraded a little bit -- liz: yep. >> we're stuck at 2.2%, we're below that 3% threshold level that starts to give us liftoff in the economy, and the rest of the world's weaker. so we think stock prices are really as high as they're going to get, almost priced to perfection. there's not much more here, and investors could pile in at just the wrong time. liz: so let's talk about piling in. 3-d printing, hot -- robotics, rather, hot or not? randy? >> i think it's going to be hot. i don't think there's any question that one of those transitions that took place in 2014 was the public perception that robotics is no longer just an industrial production device. it can hit the service sector, the service industry. we're seeing surgery take place using robotics, you're seeing your phone answered by robotics, you can talk to siri over the phone, there's a whole wealth of things that are going to be biomechanical, i think, and integrating that with --
3:52 pm
liz: your picks here, irobot and hot or not, robotics, don, what do you think? >> well, i think that anything that's really highly priced is something that we would stay away from right now. we're still looking for value, always look for value, and there's not much out there that we can find. that's why we like energy. liz: okay. energy, hot or not? you're saying it's hot right now. >> we think it is. liz: even though the price of energy is really low? >> it's one of the last pockets of bastions of value here because the energy price has fallen, oil prices have fallen dramatically. stocks have adjusted though. these stocks are cheap on a relative basis to the rest of the market, so we think that's a natural place to put money to work. liz: halliburton and baker houston, randy, what do you think? energy? >> i think the demand is always going to be there, and what
3:53 pm
concerns me is the supply. liz: lots of supply right now. >> yeah. right now excess supply in the united states, but it's going to control the market to a certain extent. you know, anything could happen that would diminish that supply very quickly if you had a terrorist attack -- liz: you don't want to depend on that? >> i wouldn't want to put an investment on that. liz: what's your wildcard trade, don? >> a wildcard trade? liz: if you had mad money and you wanted to put money into something you figure is a win or lose situation? >> right now i'd be looking at hedging my bets, so i would probably go with a volatility bet like vxx which is a reverse correlation volatility bet against the markets. that's come down dramatically as -- the price has come down as the market's done well. liz: randy, what about you? >> i like intuitive surgery, as i said. i think you can buy the stock, about half of what you want.
3:54 pm
you can write the calls in october, the 500s, and you can get about $44 for those, and you can write the puts at the $500 level as well and pick up about $40. so, essentially, you can buy the stock for about $420. liz: yeah. we were talking about puts and calls yesterday and how to play them. that's on, by the way, our you can see how to do something leak that, if you want. your tie is pink, your tie is blue. what color did you see the dress, randy? >> it looked like a blue and gold to he? liz: don? >> i actually didn't see the dress -- liz: you're the one on the planet. we could show it to you, and then you'd really have to decide. there it is. what do you see? >> i see gold and white. liz: are you kidding me? >> yes! >> that's what i see. liz e liz how is that possible? >> that's what i see from here. liz: it's blue -- wow. live, doug schreiber sees white and gold.
3:55 pm
great to see both of you. [laughter] thank you so much. closing bell five minutes away. that was -- you surprised me, don. big chill be damned. february is poised to be therl best month for the dow and s&p since 2011. will march be better still? stick around, "after the bell" next.swea ♪ ♪ which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal. start investing with as little as fifty dollars. "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day.
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sometimes they just drop in. always obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities.
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cme group: how the world advances. >> yes, happy friday. how about that? the last trading day of the month. and look, we're down. >> yeah, you wouldn't know it from today because all the indices wit are down. let's go to nicole petallides. let's talk about something that's up, but not necessarily a good thing. oil is up again. but energy stocks are not all taking a good hit from it. >> right. so oil obviously sometimes you see that correlation between equities and oil. it was mixed. chevron and exxon were to the downside. you can see the other names, including conoco philips and other movers to the downside. the bag was mixed as far as how equities and oil, the commodity itself had theorratin, a
3:59 pm
noteceari -- l: buwe hehe tal of o retaers. peny fling hr whe g iseng gas. >> gp's story was -- gap and banana republic saved the day. jcpenney, their numbers with be their forecast, they had a quarterly lost. the cfo tried to point out they grew sales in a tough environment. stock down 7%. >> i don't have a horse in the herbalife race, but a lot of people do. big money there. (?) a lot of selling from herbalife. down over 10%. >> big move. the latest quarter was okay. earnings came in. those were fine. the forecasts blaming the strong us dollar. liz: now, we are less than 24 hours away from the berkshire hathaway annual favorite of warren buffett's leading the dow today. >> it a great performer.
4:00 pm
up 2%. how about monster beverage. that's been a great one too. liz: a cap of all those calories or more consumed by drinking soda. >> eighty-three or 84, he looks healthy. >> here come the bells on wall street. let's see how the game finishes the day and the month. the dow jones industrial down about 80 points. s&p 500 lower by six. the nasdaq down 24. russell 2000, not a record breaker today. that's something different. down five. guess what, so much to come after the bell starts now. >> let's get right to today's market. we have bernie williams of usaa solutions. lance roberts. and nicole petallides still with us from the stock exchange. and bob joining us from the cme.


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